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Artist's Bio



Eliezer Barros is a Brazilian-born fine art photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Eliezer’s artistic interests started at a very young age. He spent his early years in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest region where his father worked as a Baptist missionary pastor.His passion for photography start when his father was documenting his work at Amazon jungles with his Rolleiflex, but photography was really expensive for a 6 year old missionary son to have a tried (He played with it without film). Later, when Eliezer entered college, he had the opportunity to study photography, but without a good quality camera, he was hesitant to pursue it. When his mother offered him money to buy a used car, he had other plans. With his mother’s blessing, he bought a Canon SRL camera.


With education in Architectural and Urban Design, he brings his compositions and unique way to capture cities and people.Eliezer is a member of PPA ( Professional Photographers of America)



“Pittsburgh Contrasts”



“The dramatic contrasts between the old and new, the glitter of steel and glass, and the flow of rivers and avenues make this project so exciting for me. I love to capture the music of my adopted city through one of my favorite landmarks, the Smithfield Street Bridge, which has become for me like a musical instrument with magical strings playing a now-familiar melody called Pittsburgh”. Eliezer Barros